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6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Solar Panels

Jan. 08, 2024
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Solar panels are highly durable, with leading domestic brands offering up to 25 years of product warranty. They can save thousands on electricity bills over their lifetime. However, correct installation is crucial for optimal results.

In this discussion, we'll explore common mistakes during solar panel installation and how they impact system performance and lifespan.

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1、Installing Solar Panels in Shaded Roof Areas:Shade is a significant enemy of solar panels. If sunlight can't reach them, their power output drastically decreases or becomes zero. Panels in shaded areas represent a wasted investment. Therefore, they should be installed in roof areas with minimal or no shade.

2、Not Using the Ideal Orientation for Solar Panels:The orientation of panels is crucial. In northern hemisphere countries like China, south-facing roof sections often receive the most sunlight throughout the year, making them the optimal choice. Understanding your location and how you plan to use solar power determines the ideal panel orientation.

3、Connecting Panels in Different Directions in the Same Circuit:Solar panel systems are often divided into sections facing different directions to cover roof space efficiently. Ideally, connected panels should have similar energy production curves. Modern inverters manage multiple panel groups independently for efficient optimization.

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4、Installing Too Many Solar Panels:While solar panels are durable and efficient, installing too many can negatively impact your return on investment. Excess energy may be exported to the grid, resulting in minimal financial gains or even losses, as some power companies may not compensate adequately.

5、Installing Too Few Solar Panels:Smaller solar systems may seem cost-effective, but they may hinder financial returns. Fixed costs, such as permits and grid interconnection, remain constant, making the per-watt cost higher. Striking a balance to match your energy consumption is crucial.

6、Hiring Unqualified Solar Companies:Be cautious of cheap quotes from websites, often offering low-quality panels and components. Professional installation is essential to avoid system failures and maintain warranties. A poorly installed system can increase the risk of fires.

In collaboration with professionals, concerns about these issues diminish. However, skepticism is warranted for solar quotes without property assessments. They often overlook shade and roof conditions, using subpar materials and unqualified labor.

Remember, investing in solar panels is a long-term commitment. Ensuring proper installation and avoiding common errors is key to maximizing the benefits of your solar energy system.

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