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How to Cut Rubber

Dec. 20, 2022
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Cutting rubber is easier than you might think. There is a proper way to do this so that you don't damage your material, or worse, yourself. Learning how to cut rubber will help you avoid professional remodeling bills. But it's not just about knowing how to cut rubber - it's about knowing how to cut rubber properly. That way, you end up with a stretchy sheet that's not only more affordable overall, but also cuts cleanly. Whether you have a thin rubber or a heavy rubber sheet, our method works equally well regardless of the thickness of the soft rubber sheet. By learning how to cut rubber, there is no need to seek additional help from rubber product suppliers, rubber roller manufacturers, or any other rubber producing entity. But it is important that if your project requires dye cutting or waterjet cutting, you should definitely contact your rubber roll manufacturer and ask for further assistance. Otherwise, is the rubber easy to be cut? You will find out soon! This guide is for laypeople looking for do-it-yourself solutions. Follow the guide below to ensure your mat is cut correctly.

What is the best tool for cutting rubber?

A sharp utility knife is the best tool for cutting rubber. This tool is readily available as it is relatively inexpensive. It does a great job. To give you a better idea of what to expect when starting a project, the required materials are listed below. As with most projects, the materials list is short, and its items are affordable and readily available. These are the materials you will need:

Sharp Utility Knife: A fixed blade works better than a retractable utility knife. Make sure the blade is sharp, not dull. The sharper the blade, the smoother the cut; the smoother the cut, the faster and safer your project will be. You may want to have blade replacements or a blade sharpener on hand in case repeated cutting dulls your blades.

Chalk: It is best to mark this line with something that is easy to see and wash off. We recommend marking this line with chalk and washing the chalk off when finished. Avoid using more permanent marking methods such as pens or markers, as the lines are temporary guides, not permanent decoration!

Straight edge: You need a straight edge to ensure that the lines you draw are straight and to guide your stroke when cutting rubber. Doing this step well is the key to producing rubber with smooth edges. A yardstick or meter stick will work, but we recommend a ruler made of metal, which is stronger than other typical ruler materials. Combined, these factors make the cutting experience more consistent with the final product.

Gloves: A pair of protective gloves must be worn to protect yourself from sharp blades. As a standard, rubber sheet suppliers' employees always wear gloves when cutting rubber (sheets), so you probably should, too.

Soapy Water: This one may seem odd, but it's a very valuable item to have on hand. Sometimes you will use a flat sheet of rubber that is extra thick, such as 2" or 1" thick rubber. In these cases, the black rubber roller can be difficult to cut cleanly - the serrations of the rubber may protrude from the sides of the paper. This is where suds come in. You can coat the knife with a quasi-lubricant by dipping the blade in a soap solution before cutting, which reduces the drag the knife encounters as it cuts through the rubber.

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What's the best way to cut a rubber mat?

The best way to cut a rubber mat is to place the mat on the ground, mark a line that represents the line you want to cut, and cut along that line as many times as necessary. For more details, we've outlined the process in our easy four-step guide on how to cut rubber. Our method is definitely the best way to cut rubber mats.

Lay the mat flat on the ground. Then, use a ruler to mark the knife's intended path. Do this several times until the lines are visible and straight.

Now, place the straight edge firmly on the line, and use a sharp utility knife to score the line two to four times. With thicker materials, it may take longer to cut the rubber, so you may need to score it more than usual. Remember to dip the knife in a soapy solution if needed.

Next, grab the edge of the rubber sheet closest to the line you just cut. Lift this edge, and bend it toward you. Where you cut, the rubber sheet should open up like a canyon that splits the ground. If you did it right, the opening cut should look straight and smooth.

Finally, lay the mat flat on the ground and score a few more times - until the cut is complete.

Is the rubber easy to cut?

With few exceptions, rubber can be cut easily - especially if you follow our guide on how to cut rubber. Cutting the rubber following these instructions will definitely give you a clean looking pad. With a little practice, you'll be able to do as well as the rubber product supplier you originally got your rubber roller material from. Now that you've learned how to cut rubber using only four easy steps, the next time you need to cut rolled rubber, it'll be a piece of cake!

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