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Kids Bike Size Chart & Fit Guide | Ridley’s Cycle

Mar. 07, 2024
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Our #1 kids bike sizing tip 
Choose a bike based on current fit as well as future growth. Kids should be able to ride their new bike right away— waiting too long to grow into it can cause a loss of interest. The bike should accommodate your child as they get taller, including the ability to raise the seat height and/or handlebar stem.

Start with their height
Start off by measuring your child’s height. Have them stand tall with their back against the wall, looking straight ahead. Use a pencil to mark the wall above their head.

Get their inseam measurement
Save some time and quickly take their leg inseam measurement, too. Standing in the same position, have them hold a book between their legs with the book’s spine meeting their crotch. The distance from top of the spine down to the floor is the leg inseam.

Matching leg inseam length to bike size ensures that your child can comfortably stand over the bike. Confirm there is about 1” or 2” of space between the top tube and their crotch while straddling the bike. This way, they can easily get on the bike or hop off the saddle in case of a sudden stop.

Take confidence into account
Consider your child’s riding ability to check if they can handle a larger wheel size. If they are close to the next bike size, they are probably ready to size up— even more so if they are already strong riders that feel confident making turns and stopping quickly.

Parents are often concerned that their child will grow out of a bicycle too quickly. Schwinn SmartStart is our solution to help your child’s bike “grow” with them.

SmartStart bikes deliver fun that fits. When you raise the seat of a SmartStart bike, the angle and distance between the seat, handlebars, and pedals also increase. This means the bike can still provide a good fit for your child as they grow taller.

All Schwinn kids bikes from size 12” - 20” now come with SmartStart technology, as designated by the SmartStart logo on your child’s bike.

Check out our Schwinn SmartStart page. 

Once you find the right bike size for your child, you’ll be ready to shop.  But don’t worry, you’re not on your own.  Check out our guides on bike assembly, helmet fitting, the ins and outs of training wheels, and how to tech your child to ride. They’ll be ready to ride in no time!

Kids Bike Size Chart & Fit Guide | Ridley’s Cycle

Fit by Age and Height - Schwinn Bikes



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