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What are rubber sheets used for?

Feb. 29, 2024
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What are rubber sheets used for?

Rubber sheeting is a versatile product that’s used in dozens of applications. As the name suggests, it consists of sheets of rubber. Rubber sheeting may feature plain silicone or neoprene sheets, or may feature fiber-reinforced rubber sheets. What is rubber sheeting used for exactly?



Rubber sheeting is commonly used in the construction of gaskets. Gaskets are mechanical seals that are used to fill the space between two mating surfaces. Pressurized gas or liquid may leak as it travels through a mating surface. Gaskets prevent this from happening by sealing mating surfaces.

Regardless, many gaskets are made of rubber sheeting. Rubber sheeting is both elastic and durable, making it an ideal material for most gaskets.


Made O-rings are made of rubber sheeting as well. O-rings are mechanical seals, but they are distinguished from other types of gaskets by their shape. O-rings are circular, ring-shaped mechanical seals. You can install them around pipes and hoses. O-rings are available in different materials, but many of them are made of rubber sheeting.

Electrical Insulation

Another common application for rubber sheeting is electrical insulation. Electricity can’t easily travel through rubber sheeting. Silicone rubber sheeting is particularly effective when used as electrical insulation. It can withstand high temperatures while creating resistance to electricity.

Food Processing

Rubber sheeting is commonly used in the food processing industry. It has a nonporous surface, so it won’t absorb or otherwise retain bacteria or viruses. Furthermore, Burna-N is Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliant. If you work for a food processing company, you may want to choose rubber sheeting made of Burna-N nitrile.


In both homes and commercial buildings, you’ll often find weatherstripping made of rubber sheeting. Weatherstripping is a form of insulation. It’s used specifically to seal indoor spaces from the outdoors. Most exterior doors and windows will have weatherstripping. The weatherstripping prevents air-conditioned air or furnace-conditioned air from leaking to the outdoors.

Rubber sheeting is an effective form of weatherstripping. You can cut it into custom shapes and sizes, after which you can install it around exterior doors and windows. Because it’s elastic, it will stretch while sealing these spaces to prevent the loss of conditioned air.

In Conclusion

Rubber sheeting has many different applications. Some of its most common applications include gaskets, O-rings, electrical insulation, food processing and weatherstripping. There are different types of rubber sheeting, however, some of which are better suited for certain applications than others.



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